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Mission Statement

To impact driven entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders through Personal Leadership, enhancing their internal operations with team members and external relationships with clients to ultimately grow their businesses. 


As a Certified Leadership Development Specialist, Philip Chan, Founder of Leadership Visions International, is devoted to helping driven Sales Professionals, Managers, and Business Owners become the best leaders they possibly can be in order to create a tremendous amount of impact and influence on their surrounding environments.


With an extensive background in medical training and education, Philip is a KU Alum who has shared 200+ hours in the OR room with renewed Surgeons in Kansas, influencing his dedicated approach on executing with an urgent sense of precision and professionalism every single day. For this exact reason, he is very excited about building a business dedicated to cultivating tomorrow's leaders and global influencers to make the world a better place. 


Additional services include helping them overcome struggles with low-employee productivity, lack of team management, or zero communication effectiveness by implementing personalized tools that will create more meaningful relationships within their team, increase productivity, and allow them to live a more fulfilled life personally and professionally.


Let's connect and talk about your current situation with Leadership Development, and how to take it to the next level. 

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