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Leadership Visions International Services

Leadership for the Soul 


An Immersive Experience That's Engagement Focused:
  • Facilitated group discussions that strive to be application based

  • highlight of important concepts with an implantation emphasis, versus the boring and traditional way of information-driven lectures

  • Communicate participation that allows for critical peer feedback conducted in a trustworthy and safe environment


An intimate experience that's custom tailored to specific individual needs:
  • Designated momentum calls with one thing in mind - how to move your growth in leadership forward

  • Specialized accountability methods unique to client personalities and needs

  • Undivided attention within a compressed and encapsulated environment that puts professionalism and confidentiality first

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An impactful experience designed to enhance and transform your leadership growth in a compressed time frame:

  • Implementation based Signature Talks that strives to provide immediate solutions through a proprietary process

  • An incubated delivery of the best strategies and approaches covered within an allocated time

  • Wealth library of insights, wisdoms, and key gold nuggets approved by John Maxwell

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